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Graduating after 4 1/2 years from Hyles-Anderson Bible College and coming to Victory Baptist Church in Willcox, AZ, Pastor Victor Crews  has been in the ministry since 1979. Pastor and Mrs. Crews have four children: Kelly, Channa, Lynne, and Marcy. Each of them serves in their church that they attend. In 2000, God called Pastor Crews to start a church in Tucson, AZ. With a leap in faith, he started Tucson Independent Baptist Church. The struggles and heartaches are many, but God has been gracious, and on August, 2009, God saw fit to give the church a 1.4 milion dollar church building – which you now see as Coronado Baptist Church. Pastor Crews’ desire is to see souls saved and families rebuilding the spiritual walls around their homes and not allowing satan to come in and destroy homes.