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Victor Crews


In Pastor Victor Crews has been in the ministry since 1979. In 2000, God called Pastor Crews to start a church in Tucson, AZ. With a leap in faith, he started Tucson Independent Baptist Church. On, August, 2009, God saw fit to give the church a 1.4 million dollar church building – which you now see as Coronado Baptist Church. Pastor Crews’ desire is to see souls saved and families rebuilding the spiritual walls around their homes and not allowing satan to come in and destroy homes.

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Cheryl Crews


Mrs. Crews has been a Pastor’s wife since June, 1979. Pastor and Mrs. Crews and their children worked together in doing the Lord’s will in their first ministry in Wilcox, Arizona. As God laid a burden on Pastor Crews’ heart to start a new church in Tucson, Arizona, Mrs. Crews worked with him as this fledgling church was born through a Bible study of three people. The church took many hours of prayer, work, and faith; and it became Tucson Independent Baptist Church. Mrs. Crews teaches in the Coronado Baptist Christian School as a missionary teacher. She also helps organize our Ladies’ Conference, Vacation Bible School, and especially the Christmas play every year. Mrs. Crews’ desire is to see women search and find the joy of serving the Lord and how to help each lady find His purpose for them.

Khamsy Amphayvong


Born in the communist country of Laos, Bro. Khamsy’s family escaped to a refugee camp in Thailand. His family stayed there until a couple in the United States sponsored his family of seven came to Tucson, which he has called home since 1980. He heard the name of Jesus in Sunday School for the first time at age 11, heard about the only God, who loves him, who died for his sins and who gave Himself to pay for the gift of eternal life. However, it was not until the age of 22 that God opened this idol worshipers’ eyes to salvation.  In 2004, Bro. Khamsy surrendered to the mission field. Unsure where God wanted him to go, he continued to serve in whatever capacity he could at the church, while working a secular job. He graduated from Tucson Independent Baptist Church Bible Institute, and was ordained to preach in 2008. Shortly after that, Bro. Khamsy realized God’s call for him was to reach the “foreign field” of the Youth in Tucson. He now is the assistant and youth pastor of Coronado Baptist Church and by God’s grace, his prayer is to help the youth to be a vessel unto the honor for God’s service.

Rosa Amphayvong


Mrs. Rosa Amphayvong has been married to Brother Khamsy since 1995. God has graciously blessed them with four children who are very active in the church. Joanna, Joshua, Elizabeth and Samuel. Joanna has graduated from college and is now teaching orchestra, Joshua serves in the United States Air National Guard, Elizabeth is now attending college, and Samuel serves as the janitor of the church. They are all heavily involved in the music program of Coronado Baptist Church. Mrs. Amphayvong is a teacher in the Coronado Baptist Christian School. God has allowed their whole family to gladly serve together in the ministry.

Marriah Herrmann


Marriah Herrmann grew up under the ministry of Pastor and Mrs. Crews in Wilcox, AZ. Under their ministry she received Christ as her Savior and surrendered to go to the mission field. After graduating from Hyles-Anderson College, she spent two years on a mission team in Jilin, China. After returning to the US, she spent the next 3 years serving at First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN in the chapel ministry. In 2010, she went to Guadalajara, Mexico where she taught English and worked in an orphanage. Upon her return from Mexico, she moved to Tucson to help Pastor and Mrs. Crews start a Christian school.